Our Lineasette Vase Collection represents creativity, imagination, and inspiration drawn from nature animals, sea world and beyond by our creative designers. These porcelain stoneware object with handcraft production technique, perfectly waterproof made by firing at extremely high temperature (1200° C) and are made in Italy. 

Lights & Lamps

Lineasette collection of lamps with its unique artifacts, creation, and style turn your favorite reading place or cozy living space or lobby a brighter and adds mood.

Oil Candle

Every day is a special day with lineasette's oil candle, be it for your favorite yoga, home spa time, cozy scented lighting or relax dinner session. Add your favorite flavor according to your mood and lit the candle, go with creativity.


Cooking & food presentation art with added creativity adds elegance and nativity to your dine experience. Lineasette's creative and unique tableware collections are just for that and favorite choice of everyone who understands presentation and art along with originality.

Figures & Zodiac Signs

Lineasette lab designed figures & zodiac signs for a strong belief and sense belonging or just for unique & beautiful décor purpose in mind are perfect, peaceful. Explore more on this collection.