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Masni, the most genuine Florentine tradition

(Made in Florance, Italy)

In the opinion of all those who work in the Masini’s handicraft manufacture the concept of usefulness. Masini sterling silver 925% products are guaranteed against any possible manufacturing defect and are characterized by the following registered marks: (*197FI) () (925)

All Masini objects are manufactured with the utmost care, thanks to the manual skill that has always characterized our production. The least imperfections, if present, in the crystal parts are the proof of Masini’s handicraft work.

Useful Advise: Use, Wash and Store

Masini Silver Product Care

1. Salt - vinegar - lemon - parmesan, are corrosive and harmful to silverplated. Be aware also of by-products of oil (for e.g. elastic bands).

2. Never clean candlesticks and candelabra with liquid: they are hollow and there are many solderings. Use please an antitarnish cloth. To keep the objects always beautiful it is advisable to place it in anti-tarnish cloth and anyway preserve in a dry place, but the best is to use them daily. Calcareous and hard water can leave stains. It is recommended to rinse and dry very well, while cleaning.

3. Cutlery is dishwasher safe (except for the salad and caviar set: horn ends). If not washed immediately, leave it to steep.

4. The enemies of the steel blades are: aggressive washing powders (containing sulfur or sulfides) and silver cleansers not advised by the manufacturers.

5. To restore the brightness of silverware, or for any kind of repair, a new S.O.S. SILVER of ARGENTERIE GREGGIO is available for the customers.

Masini History

Masini Silverware was founded in 1946 and started producing in a classic “Bottega” next to the Ponte Vecchio. The company was the first to experiment matching two materials, sterling silver and crystal, on the Italian market. In particular, they made bottles and carafes, making these their specialization at the beginning.

Masini History

Manual ability, talent and fantasy are typical traits of the antique Florentine tradition and have, over the years, been integrated perfectly, giving rise to inimitable creations maintaining classical styles which are also conceived for modern generations.