Our Concept

Our Concept

A tradition of luxury and elegance.

Luxury art is the way of life in many traditions around the globe since many centuries. European luxury art is world famous for their innovative design, quality materials, excellent traditional and modern craftsmanship. Italian luxury art is particularly best known all over the world.

We at Set In Blue Decor have extensive knowledge and network of quality reputed brand and manufactures from Europe luxury art space. We are working with our network of artist, collectors, and manufacturers from the European region to bring in such artisan luxury art prices in Singapore and the region. 

Our boutique online shop www.setinbluedecor.com with local stock is our commitment to our valued customers by present European luxury art. 

We value your useful suggestions and comments as a feedback, kindly write to us at marketing@setinbluedecor.com. We are happy to serve you better.

We wish you happy and pleasant shopping experience with us. 

Thank you.