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Lovelies Photo Frame for All.

Photos exist inside the frames, looking almost bare without them. Frames are not like the photos’ clothes; however, they surely attract our look to the images they contain, and make the most out of them. Silver, with its light reflections, creates something like a girdle of splendor around the photos. Greggio Lovelies brand is perfectly aware of that.

“Lovelies represent a selection of “hi-tech” giftware manufactured using a thin layer of 925/000 sliver strip COUPLED to an aluminum back”. Lovelies series photo frames are available in various sizes ranging from 10 x 10 cm to 20 x 25 cm and few finish like glossy, matt in several collections.

Useful Advise: Use, Wash and Store

Masini Silver Product Care

1. Salt - vinegar - lemon - parmesan, are corrosive and harmful to silverplated. Be aware also of by-products of oil (for e.g. elastic bands).

2. Never clean candlesticks and candelabra with liquid: they are hollow and there are many solderings. Use please an antitarnish cloth. To keep the objects always beautiful it is advisable to place it in anti-tarnish cloth and anyway preserve in a dry place, but the best is to use them daily. Calcareous and hard water can leave stains. It is recommended to rinse and dry very well, while cleaning.

3. Cutlery is dishwasher safe (except for the salad and caviar set: horn ends). If not washed immediately, leave it to steep.

4. The enemies of the steel blades are: aggressive washing powders (containing sulfur or sulfides) and silver cleansers not advised by the manufacturers.