Cleto Munari 


Art Furniture

The sophisticated form of design in relation to contemporary living and positioning toward utilitarian art,  the Italian Transavanguardia, with its influential style a pure and genuine original art movement that reshaped the map of contemporary painting, sculpture, and printing. Explore our limited edition Art Furniture collection by world-renowned artist Mimmo Paladino & Alessandro Mendini.

Candle Holders

Candlesticks designed by Cleto Munari shows the art and style can be given to any objects which we come across every day. The Tri alloy plated metal with Murano glass in few selective colors made this item so spacial and unique.

Designers 5 Fountain Pens

The fountain pen are beautiful and precious, ready to be brought out on salient occasion to witness unrepeatable moments. Cleto Munari invited Prize winner for Literature: Toyo Ito for Nagib Mahfuz, Alesssandro Mendini for Toni Morrison, Cleto Munari for Wole Soyinka, Alvaro Siza Vieira for Jose Saramago, Oscar Tusquests Blanca for Saul Bellow to design precious five fountain pens. These pens are limited edition from Cleto Munari and each pen purchase comes with "The Book of the Five Pens".

Gifts & Desk Accessories

Frog and Cricket magnifying glass are the perfect office desk accessories item designed by Cleto Munari encourage creativity, innovation, and art exists side by side together. These items are always favorite to our valued customers.

Photo Frames

Cleto Munari designed photo frames represent art and style in a simplistic manner. The tri-alloy plated metal with acrylic glass, two side photo facing makes this photo frame collection special and unique.


Waterlily bowls designed by Cleto Munari shows the art and unique style to our dining table objects adds the enriched fulfilled experience with slow and fulfilled manner. The bowls are made with Tri alloy plated metal.

Vase Collection

Our limited edition collection of vases designed by Cleto Munari, Lorenzo Zanovello, and Riccardo Dalisi represent creativity with passion expressed strongly in material, color and theme used. Explore our collection in this section.