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The harmony of Glass combined with Silver.

Dogale is the first brand to explore the fusion of silver and other materials such as glass. The hand decoration of glass and the silver workmanship which gives rise to an extraordinary new line of functional art household products. Silver is coupled with warm colors expressing elegance and harmony.  Items may present different gradations and nuances of colors, that are exclusively due to hand-painting. Slight imperfections in color spread have to be considered as added value and sign of uniqueness and not the defect. Every piece is different from the next, unique and unrepeatable due to a completely craftsman like production process. Captive nuances, particular and often fanciful styles, meticulous finishing that make feeling as well as seeing really surprising!

Corrado VillarĂ 

Corrado Villarà is the creative mind and the creator of DOGALE Venezia Collection. Villara’s creativity comes mainly from observing the nature in all its manifestations. For example, the “Dogale” leaf came to light on an autumn day when a leaf fluttered in the wind, showing all its magic to Villara, who reinterpreted into an art work. The visualization of the stylist includes the geometric shape of a natural and unnatural world, colours, and ambiance and different combinations of light. Villara believed in “never seen before” designs and he is committed to of reinventing the collections every season with different forms, colours and feelings.

Wash And Store Instructions

Product Package & Guarantee

The warm and intense coloured items carrying the brand name Dogale do not tarnish as they protected by special varnish and they don’t need any kind of special clearing.The items can be cleaned with a damp cloth, or a soft sponge and water.

All DOGALE products are entirely made in Italy. Each item is packaged in its own box with a warranty card that certifies the origin and the high-quality products.

Dogale History 01

Greggio, a pioneer in the world of silver in all forms, have merit of having understood that a continuous reinvention of silver, a marvelous noble metal, also means combining it with different raw materials. Dogale was formed in 2004, a perfect marriage of timeless and luxurious materials, glass and silver, combined to create one of a kind gifts and serveware.

Dogale History 02

Based upon the tradition of Venetian glass-making, Dogale pieces are the evolution of this ancient art with distinctly modern shake and dazzling pops of color. The creativity behind this brand comes from observing nature well as the play of geometric patterns, colors and combinations of light.

Six different production phases, three firing phases, and highly-skilled glass blowers are needed to produce each finished Dogale product.

A delicate and ambitious project entrusted to the creative talent of Corrado Villara who from the combination of hand decorated glass and silver gave life to Dogale. The young but already well known brand offers numerous collections, each one containing a wide range of products – bowls, vases, plates, innovations.