Greggio Silver Material

Silver is heritage, culture, art and passion for centuries in Italy and around the world. Greggio creates aesthetically pleasing, exclusive and versatile everyday objects using 925 sterling silver and silver plate. Precious creations in sterling silver or silver plate that change with time, acquire personality and the unique patina that tells a story.

Silver Craft

Greggio silver cutlery, table settings and home furnishings in sterling silver, high thickness nickel silver (35 microns of silver plating), and silver plate are antique master silversmith skills proven through generations and to new hi-tech production plants.

Dogale Materials

Dogale Venezia brand was the first one to explore the fusion of silver and other materials. It represents two ancient arts, the of hand decoration of glass and the silver workmanship, which come together giving rise to an extraordinary line of household goods. Hence silver is coupled with warm colors expressing elegance and harmony. Items may present different gradations and nuances of colors, that are exclusively due to hand painting. Slight imperfections in color spread have to be considered as added value and sign of uniqueness and not as defect.

Lineasette Materials

The engobe coating is made of mixed clay and metal oxides, colorants and fluxes mixed with siliceous sands, and confers to our artifacts’ surface a peculiar uneven, dotted effect. All Lineasette creations are the result of a deep and passionate research of ceramic techniques and contemporary designs by Giuseppe Bucco and Flavio Cavalli. Every artifact is a small sculpture with pure and essential traits, as if shaped by natural elements. According to Flavio Cavalli and Giuseppe Bucco, every creation needs to meet the following requirements: harmony, balance, joy, freedom of movement. The shape of each object, rough or smooth, matt or glossy, has to be free and harmonious; it has to take shape and become blurred, it has to amaze. The making of every single artifact is personally supervised by the designers, who follow every step of its creation, from its design to the end product, to make sure that, in the process, the quality of each handicraft piece is guaranteed.