Photo Frames

Masini photo frames are manufactured with utmost care and skill by hands. It has been their tradition to handcraft the concept of beauty linked to concept of usefulness. Masini pure silver photo frames are sterling silver 925% and guranteed against any possible manufacturing defects.   

Collectible Keys

Keys are a universal symbol of authority and power. The presenting of Keys goes right back to the Middle Ages and has been a precious tradition ever since.This tradition, handed down over centuries, even if with minor auspicious ceremony, is still used today, presenting silver keys from a precious collection as a sign of recognition to important people.

Jewel Keys

The universal symbol of authority and power in a symbolic Key pendant designed by Greggio Masini is a precious tradition ever since the middle age and comes with 3cm long Rhodium Plated Key and 46cm Sterling Silver 925% chain. We have four symbolic pendant keys to gift and celebrate the life’s precious moments such as Success, Friendship, Love & Fortune of someone special on our life. Wear with your favorite dress and occasion with elegance of power and authority.

Candle Holders

Masini Two Light Candleholder "Grand Gourmet" is designed and produced by Greggio under Masni brand. The candleholder is perfect to style your favorite dining space and to add a classy test with favorite food. The candleholder is anti-tarnish and made by hands in Italy.