Dogale Venezia

Dogale is the first brand to explore the fusion of silver and other materials such as glass. The hand decoration of glass and the silver workmanship which gives rise to an extraordinary new line of functional art household products. Silver is coupled with warm colors expressing elegance and harmony.  Items may present different gradations and nuances of colors, that are exclusively due to hand-painting. Slight imperfections in color spread have to be considered as added value and sign of uniqueness and not as the defect.

Greggio Silver

Greggio, the core business of the Group, offers a wide array of products for the table and house, for children, giftware and specific collections such as those designed for the office. In other words, many objects and ideas in a variety of styles, shapes, and finishing.

Greggio Italian Silverplate offers exclusive made in Italy silverplate products for the house and the table using brass or nickel-silver alloy as metal base and plating them with silver through a galvanic process. All products can also be rhodium plated, rhodium being and the excellent antioxidant.


In the opinion of all those who work in the Masini’s handicraft manufacture the concept of usefulness. Masini sterling silver 925% products are guaranteed against any possible manufacturing defect and are characterized by the following registered marks: (*197FI) () (925)

All Masini objects are manufactured with the utmost care, thanks to the manual skill that has always characterized our production. The least imperfections, if present, in the crystal parts is the proof of Masini’s handicraft work.


The beauty of memories 

Nothing is more precious than your memories printed and fixed in a special silver frame, making every ambiance unique and special. It is a piece of furniture that becomes an example of art and, at the same time, an example of craftsmanship. Silver frames are small works of art to show in every ambiance of the house. Greggio Lovelies brand is perfectly aware of that.

“Lovelies represent a selection of “hi-tech” giftware manufactured using a thin layer of 925/000 silver strip COUPLED to an aluminum back”. Lovelies series photo frames are available in various sizes ranging from 10 x 10 cm to 20 x 25 cm and few finishings like glossy, matt in several collections.

Cleto Munari

When one speaks of Cleto Munari, what often comes to mind is the image of an aristocratic collector of beautiful things without the objective of affirming projects, trends, or ideologies, but simply for the pleasure of seeing them, or better yet, of seeing them be born.

Because Munari has, at the same time, the intuition and the ample eclecticism of the big collectors, but his “beautiful things” are not sought after in the shop windows or in some dusty warehouse but rather in the mind of his designer friends, explaining to them his ideas and intuitions and waiting patiently as they take form, first on drawing paper and then through a process similar to the distilling of liquor and consisting of comparing and correcting prototypes on the base of not only visual experience but tactile, weighty, and even acoustic in certain cases. Munari is, therefore, an “author” even if the author is missing a watch and, the manic cult of his own “personal style”, is a “colloquial author” that utilizes the creativity of others without sacrificing his own, and reserves for himself, of the creation, two essential moments, even if normally rarely considered, the initial program and the self-critical journey that leads to the realization of the prototype.


All Lineasette creations are the result of in-depth and passionate research of the ceramic technique and of contemporary design. Each object is a small sculpture by pure and essential features, as modeled by the natural elements. For Flavio Cavalli and Giuseppe Bucco, each creation must meet the basic requirements: harmony, balance, joy, freedom movement. The form must be free and harmonious, rough or smooth, matte or glossy; It must be formed, confused, surprising. Each object is taken care of personally by its creators who follow the various stages of processing, from design to final product, thus ensuring the artisan quality of the work.


VinStrip make fun and quirky bottle carriers.